EMS Awards

Pamela Mitchell / Richard Connolly EMS Achievement Award
This award recognizes an individual or a group who has made an outstanding contribution to the EMS system of NH.

Lawrence A. Volz EMS Heroism Award
This award recognizes a New Hampshire EMS Provider for an act or acts of heroism while in the line of duty.

EMS Lifetime Achievement Award
This award recognizes those EMS providers who have served their communities and the State of New Hampshire for more than 30 years.

Dr. David Connor Memorial EMS Appreciation Award—The “Connor Honor”
This award recognizes a very special individual for
unremitting, heartfelt dedication to Emergency Medical
Services in New Hampshire. This individual’s
accomplishments will have assisted in changing the face of
the New Hampshire Trauma and EMS System.

EMS Educator of the Year Award
This award recognizes an EMS educator who excels in
contributions and commitment to New Hampshire’s EMS
education and training. This is a recognition of excellence
and accomplishments that have assisted in improving the
New Hampshire Trauma and EMS system.

NH EMT Association—David F. Dow Memorial EMS Provider of the Year Award
This award recognizes a dedicated individual who works an
EMS provider in New Hampshire and has demonstrated
exemplary pre-hospital patient care providing consistently
strong clinical skills to patients.

Bound Tree Corp. EMS Unit of the Year
Every year, Bound Tree recognizes a New Hampshire
licensed EMS unit for exemplary service to their

EMS “Civilian Lifesaver” Award  – This award recognizes an individual, or group of citizens, that spring into action prior to EMS response and make a lifesaving difference.

EMS Unit Citation – This award is presented to all members of a unit or group, operating together, who perform meritorious service at the scene on an emergency incident.